Third newsletter GLIDE: looking back at the training

On Tuesday 16 th and Wednesday 17 th April, the first GLIDE-training was held. This two-day training, organized by Heidelberg University Hospital, took place in Heidelberg (Germany).

During this training, several healthcare professionals from the participating countries were invited to participate. During the first day several modules, developed by the GLIDE consortium, were discussed, and examined. Each Module was first briefly presented by the responsible developer and thereafter participants were invited to go actively through the Materials.

Participants were then invited to evaluate the specific course based on novelty, strengths, and potential improvements. Suggestions and remarks will be included in the adaptations of the course material.

On day two, an interactive communication training was provided to all participants. During this training, participants did learn about different models of communication and potential pitfalls for effective communication. In addition, role plays were performed with the focus on communicational aspects in which a COVID situation was simulated.

We look back at a successful and interactive training and want to thank all the participants for taking part in this training!

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