Second newsletter GLIDE: looking back at 2023.

Dear reader,

Best wishes for 2024!

From the GLIDE project perspective, we look back at a successful 2023 with several highlights. Below we share some of these highlights. 

April 2023 – July 2023: Start of focus group interviews.

In each participating country (Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands) focus group interviews were held with (health)care professionals. In total, seven focus groups were organized. These sessions provided us with essential experiences and best-practices, which, together with the scoping review, form the starting point of the GLIDE-course. 

November 2023: Consortium meeting Maastricht. 

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of November, the GLIDE consortium met in Maastricht to discuss the progress of GLIDE and upcoming steps. After a warm welcome, the project progress was presented, and upcoming deliverables and action points were discussed. Further presentations discussed the GLIDE course overview and plan of action (e.g., how many hours should the course comprise?). On Thursday the German team presented a role play, which was perceived very positively. This role play aims at building communication skills.

October 2023 & November 2023: Start of the co-creation sessions.

From October onwards, the first co creation session took place, developed by the Spanish team INTRAS. Currently, the second session is being organized. In total, three sessions will be organized with 3-5 professionals, each session having its own content, structure, and aims. The first session aimed at talking about feelings and experiences of the participants during the COVID pandemic. Participants needed to express these on a ‘lab coat’ (see picture). Furthermore, competences and training needs were discussed by also presenting the GLIDE course overview.

December 2023: Scoping review manuscript ready for submission

Led by the Italian team (BRF), the scoping review about prevention, care, and rehabilitation of COVID-19 has been finalized and will be submitted to a peer review journal.

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