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About the GLIDE-19 project

GLIDE-19, Global lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic: learning from prevention to long-term care, is an ERASMUS+ project lasting from 2022 until 2024 that aims at developing a multidimensional training program targeted at social and healthcare professionals to prepare them for current and future pandemics, such as COVID-19. GLIDE-19 is possible thanks to the work and know-how of the following organisations: Brain Research Foundation (BRF; Italy), SocialIT (Italy), Heidelberg University Hospital (Germany), INTRAS Foundation (Spain), and Maastricht University (the Netherlands). 

We will regularly release newsletters to provide you with an update on current and ongoing activities.

Scoping review

A scoping review has been conducted by the GLIDE-19 team with the aim to develop an overview of existing guidelines and best practices related to prevention, care, and rehabilitation from COVID-19 in Europe. Furthermore, this review describes the (psychosocial) impact of COVID-19 on the general population. Findings of this review will soon be submitted for publication.

Focus group interviews

Complementary to the scoping review, focus group interviews have been held between April and July 2023 in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany with the aim to gather experiences and best practices from socio-healthcare professionals (e.g., psychologists, medical doctors, nurses, social workers). Each partner organised one or two local focus groups to gather as much information as possible about COVID-19 impact. National results and themes will be discussed within the GLIDE-19 team, and subsequently a cross-national synthesis will be created. 

Both, the scoping review and the focus group interviews, will be used as input for the GLIDE-19 training course to be developed in the coming months.

Upcoming events

Co-creation workshops in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany with social and healthcare professionals to design and conceptualise the GLIDE-19 course. If you want to participate in one of the workshops, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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